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Looking to spruce up both my actual and virtual homes, I was cruising through sally harless’ blog late one night. In her post, ‘things i am obsessed with‘, sally pointed out some work by elly mackay [website, blog]. I thought elly’s work was awesome, and purchased two pictures for my house (right).

elly kindly gave me permission to share her work on my site. So, if you see a new or unfamiliar image in my header above, relax and enjoy. If you like it, do check out elly’s website.

Her work/process is super cool. In brief, she cuts out small pieces of plastic paper, and then she colors, bends, and arranges them into amazing images. Next, she puts them in a small ‘theater’ to hold all of the paper together, and takes pictures of her work under differing light conditions, giving the similar creations very different feels (Compare the lively, springtime picture below, to the warm, autumnal image above).

Thanks elly mackay

Here’s a picture of elly setting up the theater (super cool)

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I guess it’s Peter‘s fault.

He knows a default picture with no soul when he sees it.

So, I replaced the default with some soul.

Now this place feels like home (It’s just in need a purple leather sectional).

All of the art in my randomly changing headers come from my friend, Sally Harless (i.e. Sadly Harmless), but if you are artsy, I’d be happy to hang  your work up in the rafters too.

This should make navigating my site pretty exciting, as I’ve found myself reloading just to get more art!

Enjoy, and check out Sally’s site (the new calendar will drop soon)!

Thanks Sally!!!

Upadate: Thanks to evan b harris for allowing me to share his awesome work!

Update: Thanks elly mackay (12/23/11)

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